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4 Days
6 New Plays

Telling Humans
2023 New Play Reading Festival

December 7-10 @ Chicago Dramatists

A Benefit
Give us feedback on our new plays and at the same time celebrate two organizations critical to the success of Chicago theatre:

Season of Concern, which lifts up our theatre-artist colleagues in their time of need;
and our parent organization, Chicago Dramatists.

Chicago Dramatists
Pay-As-You-Can Donations & Donation Bar!

Thursday, December 7 7:00pm

Heavier Than Water (1).jpg

Friday, December 8 7:00pm

The Essentials at Links (12).jpg

Saturday, December 9 2:00pm

Space Play (3).jpg

Saturday, December 9 7:00pm

Beauregard Festival (Facebook Cover).jpg

Sunday, December 10 2:00pm

Facing the Shadow.jpg

Sunday, December 10 8:00pm

The Proposal (2).jpg
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